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Day 13

So the whole giving up soda thing is turning out to be harder than I had imagined – but not for the reasons I thought. You see I had a bout of food poisoning this past week, which rendered me cranky and liquid for most of the week. The one thing I really wanted was some 7up or Sprite to calm my stomach down. One of my managers recommended seltzer water as an alternative, but I was determined to do it without soda of any type. I made it (it wasn’t easy by a long shot), but when I went to the store last night I noticed something very disturbing.

It seems that carbonated soda alternatives like Hawaiian Punch and Lemonade have just as much sugar as soda, if not more! If you get diet HP, then the sugar level is way low. I then had a crisis in faith. Why exactly was I giving up my beloved Root Beer and the occasional Coke to get me through the day? I had reasoned to myself that I wanted to drink more water and in the process loose some ancillary pounds in preparation for my vacation in March. But now I was not sure if not having soda was actually doing anything to help me. Then I got on a scale. I have lost 5 pounds in two weeks. I haven’t really done anything special (though the loss of appetite for a few days from the food poisoning might be the real cause of the weight loss). Whatever the cause, it was enough for me to keep going for now.

As for the rest of the New Year it has been pretty uneventful. It is the season of no guests at work so I am enjoying every moment of it I can before the crowds roar back to the resort. I am convinced it will happen any day now.
Still trying to hammer out the details of my March vacation, and when it is all settled, I will post details here.

Al Pacino was on the ride the other day. The best I got out of him was a “Thank You”. I had to laugh when greeter called and asked if Al could come up the exit. I pretended to thumb through a list and said to them “Yes, Mr. Pacino is on the A-List send him up.” We have a long-standing joke at the ride as to who gets to come up the exit and who gets to go through Fastpass. In reality, most VIPs use the exit if they ask and if they don’t most are willing to go through Fastpass.