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Paul Hogan and the Jury

So the moment I have dreaded since last September finally arrived today. It was off to Jury Duty at the Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana.

Thankfully, I brought my laptop to amuse me and it wasn’t that bad. At first there was a big group that had to head over to Westminster for a long 10 day trial. I was supposed to go up and register for it, but by the time I got in line they had enough people. Whew! I then sat there watching the Price is Right, reading a book, and playing on my computer until they announced that certain groups were going to get released for a two hour lunch. My group was again not called. I was afraid this meant we were going to be immediately assigned, but in fact it was the opposite. My group was released from duty for another year – woo hoo!

Last week really flew by! Greg, Jim, and Bryan came down from NoCal for a trip to the park and I met up with them for lunch at Downtown Disney. It was cool seeing them again. I hadn’t seen Greg and Bryan in at least 8 years and Jim about 3 years. It was nice to catch up and see what they are all up to. For those not in the know, I roomed with Greg and Jim back at UC Davis.

And it’s official! The next Club Josh vacation is to a land down under. Two weeks in Australia seeing all the big sights. It will be my longest vacation ever, outlasting Europe 1998, 2002, and the Japan Trips. I am very excited since this is the number 1 destination in the world that I want to visit (A spot formerly occupied by Bora Bora). I have had to sacrifice a lot to do this trip, but it will be well worth it. I wont have my usual fall trip (unless its a quick weekend away). It will also likely be my last trip until late 2007 since I will be up to my eyeballs in lagoon water at the new attraction. So I think I can justify the expense and the length of time gone.

Gosh I can’t believe it is already the end of January – and still no Soda!