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Japan, Hong Kong, and Charo

Thanks to my new pro account on Flickr, I have posted the long awaited Hong Kong 2005 and Japan October 2004 Non-Disney photos. I am still not 100% happy with Flickr since I had to try and use the Uploader program several times for it to take my photos. I also don’t like sending people to other sites, but I think I can work around that and have the slideshow pop open a new window when people select it.

Still to come: Europe 2002, Japan March 2004, and Boston 2005. Of course, just on the horizon is the Australia trip so there are those photos to look forward to as well. I do not have any plans to migrate Charo or Gorn photos to the site. The Disney photos are also staying put since I like the way they are organized here (well mostly).

Speaking of Charo – This fan of Charo’s named David has been in touch with me on and off for the last year or so, and he finally got to meet Charo yesterday. He then left me a message saying that I should expect a call from her. When I got home today, there was a voicemail from her husband Kjell! I was floored. I am hoping to get in touch with them soon. David has hopefully opened the door to getting an up to date and accurate list of appearances for all of her fans. Stay tuned!!

One other little nugget: I went up to the Walt Disney Studios to the Welcome Home Celebration for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. It was mostly a bust but I did get to score an Oswald button and then go over to Imagineering and pick up a cool jacket I had been lusting after. I was with Daniel and we decided to go to lunch at Bob’s Big Boy on Riverside Drive in Burbank (right near Warner’s and NBC Studios). I mentioned to Daniel that David Lynch likes to eat there (see older entries for more). So the lady who was seating us asked us if we wanted to wait for a booth or if we wanted to sit at the counter with Drew Carey. I thought it was a joke, but lo and behold, there was Drew Carey reading the paper enjoying a nice meal. Daniel sat 3 seats down and I was four down. It was a fun time!