Club Josh

Finally It Begins!

Well I did it. Money be damned. Well at least it will give me something to focus on rather than sitting on my butt feeling sorry for myself. I splurged for my new web hosting and in the next week or so I will be moving all of my domains over to the new site. You might notice some things starting to change, but hopefully it will be a seamless transition. I will tell you some things will disappear forever, but I have made a complete backup of the site so all will not be lost.

The move will be complete when I post a note here as well as you see the Gorn photos from Australia online. I know, it has been a month, but because I am out of server space, I can’t post them. Also look for a new Daily Update Archives design – no, I haven’t made it yet but it shouldn’t take me too long.

Maybe I’ll get it all done by the 11th anniversary?