Club Josh

Testing 1-2-3

If you can see this, the new server is online and working.
Pardon the dust as the final pieces are put together.

Things that might not work:
Trip Diaries photos – I am still trying to get all the photos back to where they were before the move at the same time trying to put Disneyland Paris in the same program as Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Florida. I am also trying to move French Polynesia and Chicago to Flickr. This will mean non-Disney travel photos will be on Flickr and Disney Travel photos hosted locally.
PDA/Mobile sites – these have been replaced by the “Lite”version which is on the back burner with no release date. Considering there really was not much traffic to it anyways, I doubt many people have missed it. However if you use your cell phone to browse the site, things will be broken.
Daily Update Archives – They look funny, but are all CSS templates so I can change the look and feel with a click of a button. I still need to tweak here and there so some bits might not display correctly.

As always if you notice something amiss please let me know.

This is the first server move in 6 years and it really has been a pain since it took 2 months! Also Email will be spotty as the domain gets routed to the new DNS servers and to the new site, so if it gets bounced, just drop me an email to my gmail account or to my work account.