Club Josh

Back of House Maintenance

Club Josh has been without a reliable web stats tool since I converted to the new server, but I finally installed AWStats a few days ago. I haven’t had a chance for the log files to start working in the format so I can separate the different servers out of the traffic, but I will hopefully be able to see what exactly is happening with the Charo Site. I know traffic is booming again thanks to the GEICO commercial, and the site is regularly pulling in numbers that I haven’t seen since the Sprint PCS commercial and the Surreal Life days.

In other site news, my Flickr no longer publishes to Club Josh and I am not sure why. I know the site itself is running correctly, but for some reason Flickr doesn’t like my Movable Type APIs. I will keep investigating them, but in the meantime be sure to keep checking Flickr for the latest photos.

I recently finished captioning the Japan photos and the Hong Kong photos. Now I just need to finish the Australia ones. I am half way done but with over 300 photos it takes a long time. I am hoping to get them finished so I can print a photo book (one of the main reasons I put my travel photos on Flickr) and also to make a calendar for 2007.

There are also some Daily Update things I need to dive into and tweak and it is weird that now I am on Day shifts at work, I actually have time at night to sit down and go through code and fix things.