Really, I am not that big of a nerd…or am I?

I like the new remastered Star Trek the Original Series more and more. A couple of shots in ‘The Devil in the Dark’ of the mining colony stuck out at me, but the space work on ‘The Naked Time’ really was seamless. I haven’t watched this week’s episode “The City on the Edge of Forever” yet, but again I presume it won’t have too much in it. Thanks to the Star web site, I now present the episodes and tentative air dates that excite me:

10-21-06 – Arena – somewhat appropriate since it’s my birthday weekend and it’s the Gorn episode. Will we finally get to see the Gorn ship? I just hope they don’t put any of those CGI Gorns from Enterprise in the show.
11-25-06 – The Menagerie – I want to see how they re-edit the footage from The Cage
12-9-06 – The Corbomite Maneuver – What will Balok’s ship look like?
1-20-07 – Where No Man Has Gone Before – Like the Cage and Menagerie, I want to see how they update an episode that is not like the other established episodes.
2-10-07 – The Doomsday Machine – I can’t believe I have to wait 4 months to see one of my favorites.
3-31-07 – The Tholian Web – this one is for Mice
4-6-07 – The Immunity Syndrome – I want to see what the Amoeba will look like.

That is all for the 40 episodes they have posted. I guess some will have to wait more than a year until they are revealed.