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Birthday Roundup

It has been a whirlwind week and a half of birthday celebrations. Not like the good old days when it was just a big party with some friends, nowadays it is mainly a smallish group of friends and then a family affair – both taking me out to dinner. i did manage to go to two of my favorite restaurants – Miceli’s and Outback so all is well. I also got some good staples from the family including a toaster oven. You know you are getting old when you get excited about receiving small electrics as a birthday present.

Mom and Gary sent cookies as well as a gift card to the Gap to replace my long-destroyed pair of pants – Yay! I also finally got a new wallet from Daniel. I still need to get a watch band for my watch but other than that it was a good year for presents. I already spent my Best Buy gift cards and purchased a Cruzer Mini 4GB flash drive. Retail: $169.99 after discount and gift cards it only cost me 47 bucks!

On Friday night, the gang got together and sang Happy Birthday to me and Leslie and we made pizza and watched movies. Tiffany couldn’t be there because she had her baby on Monday via C-Section so she is recovering. Daniel and I made a mad dash to the hospital on Monday only to arrive as everyone was leaving and visiting hours were over. Tiffany’s mom snuck us in for a quick peek and then we left. We decided to give her a bit of breathing room and wait awhile before we go out to Hemet to visit.

All in all a good week or so. Work has been going well as I like to say – “We are at a very interesting stage!”