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New Australia Calendar is Here!

After years and years of using Cafe Press and not selling anything but the occasional T-shirt to myself, I finally put together a calendar. I have always wanted to do a “Best of Gorn” calendar, but there is so many photos out there I would always get overwhelmed and stop midway through creating it. The last time I finished a custom calendar was in 1995 for the Dome to Dome Twice Official Calendar.

This year I did not receive a calendar for Christmas, so I decided the time was right for me to make one again. I decided to get together some photos of my Australian trip last March and viola!

I do wish Cafe Press allowed me to customize the dates a bit more to put relatives birthdays etc. on it, but I am pretty happy with the result. There are a few photos that ended up a tad blurry since they were taken at night, but most are crisp and sharp.

Here are the monthly photos:
January – Sydney Opera House
February – Twelve Apostles, Victoria
March – Uluru at Sunset
April – Skyrail, Cairns, Australia
May – View of The Basin from Coasters Retreat
June – Melbourne from Rialto Tower
July – Kangaroo, Euroka Clearing, Blue Mountains National Park
August – Manly Beach
September – Trolley Car, Melbourne
October – Sydney Harbour Bridge at Sunset
November – Barron Falls
December – Melbourne at Night

One may wonder why there are no Great Barrier Reef photos in the calendar. When I was assembling the photos, all the reef photos were taken with the disposable underwater camera and are not the same resolution as the rest and would have stuck out like a sore thumb. Oh well, there is always next time.

Would you like to get a 2007 Australia Calender – a Club Josh Exclusive? You can order it at the Club Josh Galleria. Enjoy! Sorry folks all sold out!