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Charo Thrift Store

I had a dream the other night that I was with Daniel and Tiffany in the car and we were heading into the San Fernando Valley to go to a store that sold Charo’s stuff. I just remember being very excited and that I was worried that we had a late start and we were going to get there after it closed. From my mental geography I think it was in the northern Valley area – somewhere near the 405/5 split.

We arrived at the store and the sign in the store said that they were open until everyone left. So we went in and had a field day. There was a whole rack of Santa outfits that Charo wore on the cover of this album. There were also a bunch of different trinkets and stuff (now that I think of it it reminds me a lot of Mickey’s of Glendale – the WDI Cast Member Store). At the end of the dream I remember finding an album cover place mat of a record that I had never heard of before. When I looked at the back side it said that it was from a record sold in South Florida in the late 1980’s. The lady that ran the store then said that everyone else was gone and once we were done she would be able to leave.

I then woke up. I am not sure if I got any Charo items, but I do remember falling back asleep and looking at the actual record – not just the cover – of the never before heard of album. I wish I could remember the title, it was actually kinda of cool.