At World’s End

Today I was told I had to attend a meeting with one of our Vice Presidents to go over details of an executive ride of the attraction tomorrow. I really thought nothing of it because I have been in so many meetings in the last few months that I rarely pay attention to who is going to the meetings, just the topic. I knew though that if the VP was there they really wanted to get a message across. When they walked in, the resort President Ed Grier was with the VP. I thought to myself, “Man they really want us to behave tomorrow!”.

Ed started talking about how much he appreciated the hard work our crew has been doing over the last few months. He also mentioned that tomorrow was a big day at the resort for the World Premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End. Ed then mentioned that he had a ticket to the Red Carpet and to the premiere that he would like to give to one person in particular for all their hard work. Turns out my friends, he was referring to ME!

That’s right, instead of going to Laughlin to see my mom and grandma, I will be going to the movie premiere at Disneyland. I was very excited and completely floored. I was pretty speechless other than a few thank yous and firm handshakes. It is such an honor to be recognized by people in the resort and it really made me feel good about the work I have been doing over the last year on the Subs.

I am allowed to take photos on the red carpet so naturally the Gorn will be accompanying me. Hopefully I can get some good celebrity photos as well.
Full report by Sunday!

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