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Its Anniversary day here at Club Josh. I wish there was a big redesign or something, but I am still recovering from the opening of Nemo. The last two weeks have improved a bit despite setbacks here and there. I am diving headfirst into many challenges and it has been keeping me busy. It is interesting how Charo traffic has slowed to a crawl since her ad was pulled last year. Some new videos have popped up on YouTube which I will have to link. Also, my new Jarre album is on its way from France thanks to Reed’s gift certificate – Thanks Reed!!

Some of the highlights of the past two weeks:
I got my cell phone back and it actually worked. The divers did a good job drying it out and I would have kept the phone except for the fact that it locked itself as I was resetting it. I could not get it unlocked nor could I retrieve any data from it. The good thing is that I didn’t have much on it since I had only had the phone for 40 days. Verizon actually ended up giving me a new phone gratis and to boot, my memory card from the phone survived and is back in action in my new Q.

I finally found a Nintendo Wii and decided to treat myself. It has been a plan to do 30 min of Wii-exercise every day to get into shape so we will see how much I can do.

Tara, Leslie, Daniel and I went to see Pirates 3 at the El Capitan last week. I think I enjoyed it better the second time around and to boot we got to see the Ratatouie Premiere at the Kodak Theater across the street. We saw most of the usual Disney Channel celebs as well as Andy Garcia. I mentioned to Daniel that we probably could have gotten in since most of the security and wranglers worked the Pirates premiere.

They are painting the outside of my complex this week. They are going with some terracotta colors that are all the rage these days. I’m sure it will be reflected in my next rent increase.

I am busy planning my next trip overseas. It will be definitely with Europe. Daniel is coming along and we are trying to narrow down our overzealous list of destinations. I do know that I want to meet up with Jonathan in Geneva and Mom and Gary in Spain. Other than that Daniel wants to go to Disneyland Paris and Oslo, and I want to see Scotland and of course stay in some hotels featured on Most Haunted. We are heading to a travel agency this weekend to see if we can get a handle on dates etc. so I will have more details later.