Home Life


Daniel and I spent the day Saturday out and about hitting the Golden West College swap meet and then traipsing up to LA to hit our favorite store Flight 001. We were on a mission to get some info for our trip next month as well as shop for smaller luggage. Since we want to incorporate some discount airlines in our plans, we want to make sure we have lighter luggage to take with us. Of course, this means doing laundry overseas which can be an adventure!

We ended our night with dinner at Bob’s and then a walk around downtown Burbank and a stop at a few Ross’ for some formal clothes. When we returned back to my place, I knew there was trouble a foot. The street next to my complex was shut down for some unknown reason and from the looks of things my complex was without power. Sure enough as I went back around to the other entrance, my whole complex was without power.

Thankfully, it wasn’t that warm out, but the damage to my fridge was done. All the ice cream was melted and the food I just bought two days ago was all thawed out. I walked to the 7-11 to get some ice to see if that could save some of the food, but in the end I decided not to risk it and just threw it all out. On my walk, I did see a car had smashed into one of the power poles on the street. This one pole seems to be the Achilles heel of my complex since it took out both power and cable. I got home at 10pm and it wasn’t until 9:11 the next am before the power was back on and then 11am before the cable worked again.

In the chaos of it all, I discovered my lighter did not work (again 7-11 to the rescue!). Since September is Emergency Preparedness Month, I think I need to go out and get a survival kit for the house including some battery operated lanterns and some more canned food and water. Also it helps to have a fully charged Nintendo DS Lite since Daniel and I were able to play Mario Kart DS among other things by candlelight to keep ourselves amused.