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35 Years of Magic

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This weekend I celebrated my 35th birthday – a celebration so big it actually took three days. It has been 5 years since my last “themed” birthday party and I really wanted to do another one this year. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, I have been focusing on my impending vacation to really have the time and effort to plan a major party so I decided to go to dinner with some friends to the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Due to some people’s schedules and other activities not everyone I wanted to go with was able to go on my actual birthday so I ended up going on Friday.

Things actually started on Thursday when Daniel and a few of his friends surprised me with some cake and pizza. It was a nice low key affair that really got the ball rolling. Friday night, a few of us headed out to the Magic Castle. For those of you not from LA, the Magic Castle is a private club for magicians. Lev is a card carrying member of the club and he was able to get us inside. We saw a variety of magicians and had a great dinner. Our favorite magician of the night was Phil Van Tee. We found him in one of the rooms in the basement and he did some cool magic tricks for us and even stole my watch. I think he is going to invite Tiffany to be on his demo tape since she had the best reactions.

The only down side to the whole night was on the way home. Daniel, Tiffany,and I went in my car to my house while Tara, Brian, and Leslie went in Brian’s car. Just as they were getting off the freeway near their apartment, their car slammed into the back of a stalled car on the freeway. They were then hit by two other cars. they were all sent to the hospital, but only Leslie stayed overnight for observation. the other two were treated and released. It was a very scary situation and I am glad that I got the best birthday one could ask for – the safety of your friends when they are in an accident. I wish them all a speedy recovery.

Saturday, I went with the Family to Miceli’s in Hollywood. Last year we went to the one in North Hollywood near my old apartment, but Dad and the others wanted to go to Hollywood this time. We loved the food and we even tried to stump the pianist. We went back to the house where I opened my presents and got some sweatshirts and some much needed household gifts. I especially liked the knick nacks my aunt gave me and the ever popular thermal undies!

Today I capped off my birthday weekend with a good old fashioned lazy day. It will be my last one for a few weeks as tomorrow is mad dash to get ready day and then Tuesday I am off on my trip. I should have decent internet coverage overseas so keep your eyes posted for blogs and photos from across the pond.