Phone Call #3

So last Friday, I was just getting home from work and I was in a bit of a funk. I had come thisclose to getting something at work by a slam dunk. Instead, I am on a waiting list – which I am very proud of by the way, I have improved so much that I can’t believe I got thisclose. But still, since I was not in for sure, I was in a bit of a funk.

Then it happened.

The phone rang.

“Hola Josh! Do you remember who this is?” I replied, “Charo, I could never forget you – How are you!”
We then had a festive 15 minute conversation. Just the day before I had been talking to David – fellow Charo fan who has put me in contact with her and invited me over to take this picture. David and I had been catching up on all things Charo since we hadn’t chatted in a few months. He did mention that Charo owed me a holiday call, but I never anticipated what this call would be about.

It seems that with the Writer’s Guild of America on strike, Charo cannot promote her appearances on talk shows and other outlets, and she is afraid that no one will know she is playing in Laughlin the weekend of December 27-30. I of course knew this and have it on the site, but Charo has asked me to help get the word out. She is sending me a bunch of fliers as well as some art for the site as well as some future concert dates. Not only that, but since David let it slip to her that we were planning on going to see her in Laughlin, she wants us to sit front and center at the show (and I am sure point us out to the crowd).

So now I am working on ways to get the word out about Charo appearing in Laughlin. I am going to see if I can get something on MySpace et. al. so here is hoping we can sell the 1000 seats all four nights!