Home Life

Christmas comes early for some

and then late for others.

I was surprised today with an early Christmas present from Daniel:

Its a Canon Powershot SD850 IS – 8.1 MP digital camera. After the many problems I had with my old S400 on my recent trip (losing photos, and other misc problems) this will be a welcome upgrade. I will continue to use the S400 for work related stuff. I am excited about is all the new features on the camera such as face recognition and tons of in-camera effects. Of course, I think I will need a new computer to handle the larger files!

On the other side of Christmas, I have been trying to work on a project to give everyone for Christmas, but I am woefully behind. Hopefully, I can get it finished soon and reduce the time after Christmas we will have to wait to get the projects.

Don’t forget Charo in Laughlin the last week of December!