Lower Your Head and Watch Your Step

I am in the process of learning some new areas at the Resort. This week I am spending some quality time out in the Parking Lot learning everything from how to park a car to tolls. All of it has been incredibly eye opening to all the work it takes to make the parking and getting to the park experience seamless. My favorite part has been learning how to ride on the back of the tram and deliver spiels to the guests while loading, riding, and unloading the trams.

For some reason, I get real nervous when I do something the first time, but after having my cheat sheet handy for the first trip, I had it down for the rest of the night. Hopefully as time passes, I will get to hop on a tram to stay in practice. Later this week I will actually tackle driving the tram, and since I am training with someone, there is a chance I will get to spiel.

I guess it taps into every little kids desire to spiel on an attraction at Disneyland, I just got to do it on attractions and Parking. There is a lot more training to come in the next month or so and I will be super busy and working various shifts. It all seems so surreal, and I am having the time of my life.

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