Diggin’ the Mac

Day 2 of having the 24″ iMac in the house has been going well. I can not believe how easy they have made setting everything up. So far there have been a few learning curves here and there. For example – the Mighty Mouse does not do the right-mouse thingy that I have grown attached to over the years. I have an extra Intellimouse lying around that I was going to use for my laptop, but I might press it into service here. I have also had a few issues trying to locate some setting items in various places, but overall, I think Leopard is written in a way that makes it easier for us Windows users to get acclimated. Case in point, I felt that Tiger (on Daniel’s Mac Mini) was very counter intuitive. I don’t know if that was really the case, but it certainly felt that way when I tried to make my slide show back in June.

The only other issue I am having is getting the files from my Windows machine to the Mac. Thank god for Mac Help, because even though it can be condescending towards the Windows machines at times (you have to enable a “less secure” form of encryption to get the machines to talk to each other) it still has been a great help. It seems transferring via wireless takes forever, so over the weekend I am going to try and boot the Mac up as a firewire drive to see if I can just copy the files that way. I finished all of my MP3s, but I still have tons of photos and DVD files that I might need to just burn images of and then copy onto my Mac as needed.

Hopefully, I can get my old desktop into the back of the closet by next week. I want to keep it around a bit longer before I recycle it just in case I forget something. I’d like to think that I would be becoming Windows-free, but I still have my trusty Dell laptop which I will keep for sometime.