The Printer

Yesterday morning at 6:45am, my Windows machine was powered down and finally retired to the back of my closet. It was a momentous occasion for sure, though there were no doves released at the end. Last night after work, I sat down to clean up the desk area and finish putting the computer in its resting place. Personally, I cannot believe how much space I have under my desk now.

Then it came time to attempt to install my printer on my iMac. One small problem which I had not realized. My printer the HP Deskjet 952C (which save for some mysterious grinding noises last year has been pretty reliable) has only a 24Pin serial connector. Oops. Not exactly compatible with modern computers!

So now I have to go out and get a new printer. Paul has suggested the wireless HP printer and I am thinking of that or the multifunction wireless printer that includes fax capability. I can always get a wired network printer and use the cable that my old Windows machine used.

To Be Continued!