Club Josh / Disney

Exciting Times Continue

Things are settling down nicely here at Club Josh. After a month or so of stress over a project I was working on at work, it is finally done and presented. The past few months, I was in the Emerging Leader program at Disneyland which is a way that the resort trains its new Managers. It is a very challenging and rewarding program and I am happy that I was not only selected, but completed it successfully. I know I owe a lot of people for their support and feedback over the years.

The next month or so will be exciting times. Daniel, Tiffany, Tyger, and I will be participating in Minnie’s Moonlight Madness – a charity benefit scavenger hunt throughout the park this month. Also, Charo is having a mini-CD release party sometime near the 22nd – no details yet, but it might be my first adventure to Casa Charo!

I also find out what is next for me at work sometime that week as well, so it will be nice to know where I am going and what I am doing for the summer and beyond.

In car news, I am still loving the new CR-V. I like the sound it makes when accelerating and the new car smell overpowers any food items that I have to transport in it. Still haven’t eaten in the car yet, we will see how long that it lasts!

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