Free Wireless Should be Mandatory

Sitting here at Sky Harbor Airport, waiting for my flight I want to make a passionate plea to all you airports out there stuck in the 20th Century. You all need free wireless now. I can’t believe in this day and age that the two airports I use in the LA Area the most – SNA and LAX – charge for their WiFi access. Yet, here in Phoenix, they offer glorious free WiFi. It just makes sense to do it for the travelers who are stuck in the airport for delays. I think it will just make travelers a bit more relaxed and I know I am less inclined to be grumpy now that I have something to do for the hour or so that I am stuck here.

I realize some airports need the cash infusion from charging, but if I were a wireless router company (I’m talking about you Linksys), I would give them away to the airports for a small ‘presented by’ logo. When I think of all the times I have traveled out of LAX or even the couple of times I have been at LHR for extended periods of time.

I usually grumble about Sky Harbor – their airport security lines are among the longest, and they have that annoying non-stop electronic voice that talks about which carousel the bags are going to or if someone has a page or the generic “no smoking” spiel. But they do have free WiFi and a good selection of food places to visit. I was also amused by the roving pack of 7 kids all excited about going to Disneyland and a nerdy 10-12yo kid wearing a shirt with “Real Men Don’t Set to Stun” and a picture of a classic Trek phaser II on his shirt.

If you want to plan ahead check out Travel Post – they have a breakdown of WiFi access by three letter airport code.