Earthquakes and Natural Disasters

Chino Hills m5.4

I was lying in bed this morning at 11:42 when the quake hit. The one thing that stood out was the unusually strong P wave. The P wave is the initial strong shock that proceeds the gentle rolling S Wave motion. One thing I am able to do is determine the distance I am from the quake by how long it takes for me to feel both. It felt very rough like a rat-tat-tat-tat motion – strong enough for me to wait for something to fall, but not strong enough for me to jump up. In terms of my feelings, it was the strongest seismic motion I felt since Daniel and I were in Tokyo back in 2004.

Of course the news has live team coverage all over the area – looks like a broken water main in East LA as well as a bunch of store shelves getting stuff thrown off onto the floor. A couple of shots of some bricks on the ground at a building, but other than that nothing major.