Doctor Who and Netflix

Since the end of the very good Series 4 of Doctor Who, I have been filling the void by Netflixing some classic Doctor Who stories and getting Daniel to watch them. So far, we have watched The City of Death, the Talons of Weng-Chiang, Genesis of the Daleks, Inferno, and The Three Doctors. I selected them based on an article in the press that was out around the finale of Series 4 that had mentioned they were among the best of classic Doctor Who. Now I am randomly adding ones that they have been referencing in the special features on the disks like Dalek Invasion from the William Harntell era, and the classic Cybermen story Invasion from Patrick Troughton. I have also selected a couple of later episodes with Peter Davidson, Colin Baker, and Sylvester McCoy just so Daniel can decide who he likes as the best Doctor. I am not sure if I want to subject him to the Doctor Who TV movie from 1996 though.

I also am itching to find that one episode I watched in college where there is a chase through the many rooms of the Tardis, but I can never find what that episode was called. It is also amazing how many of the First and Second Doctor stories are just plain gone. Bad BBC! There are some great episodes in that era that I would love to see, but just don’t exist except for the audio.

I also was amazed to discover that Netflix has two ridiculously bad films in there archive: Beyond the Poseidon Adventure and Raise the Titanic. Two late 70’s/early80’s films I fondly remember from the Saturday afternoon movie. Of course I immediately added them to my post Doctor Who queue. I might move one up just to break up the Who, but so far Daniel and I can’t get enough.