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Upgrading to Movable Type 4.12

I am currently mid-upgrade of my infrastructure for the Club Josh Daily Update. I went with the fresh install of the software, but it seems to be having some difficulties with the template system. I am upgrading from MT 3.2 to 4.12 which is a HUGE jump, so it looks like there is some massaging of the templates that need to be done.

Until then, the content in the archives is all there, it just looks all messed up. The big problem is the individual pages are not formatting correctly, and the main index page is not auto-building to the new templates.
At least the front page is still fine.

Oh and a shout out to Scott who identified the mystery Doctor Who episode as “The Invasion of Time” with Tom Baker. The good news is that it gets released on DVD on September 2, so I have already put it into my Netflix queue.