iPhone So Far

It has been almost a month since I switched over to the new 3G iPhone and I have a few opinions I would like to share:

The look and feel and ease of use
Ability to customize ringtones with Garage Band
Easy to check my emails on multiple accounts
Great web-surfing ability
Visual Voicemail
It’s so easy to put people on hold and answer another call or merge calls together
iPhone App Store

AT&T service is terrible compared to Verizon. Hopefully if they come up with a software fix for the 3G service it will improve, but I drop calls all the time and the sound quality is all over the place – sometimes crystal clear and other times like I sound like a Dalek.
No customized text message sounds – WTF???? You can create ringtones but not text message sounds? Also you cannot change the sound for new emails and other events.
No Flash on Mobile Safari
Buggy sound event software. It’s bad enough that I can’t change the sound, but there are times when it won’t even play the sound.
No video
No MMS – I have to go to a website to check them??

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my iPhone. It is frustrating that just a few minor tweaks can make it so much better. I still need to get with it and create an application for the iPhone that people would be willing to pay 99 cents for so I can supplement my income.