Home Life

Looks like another year

September is a busy month here at Club Josh.

Once again, I have wanted to move out of my apartment for someplace nice. I even went out and looked at buying a condo or even just moving to a nice area like Irvine or some of the new places in Anaheim closer to work. I got really excited over a development in Colony Park in Anaheim, but when push came to shove it is just way too expensive per month.

So my sites turned to getting a new place but I discovered that the price point for an upgraded living space is an additional 300-400 a month. Considering that I am still unsure where I am going to end up at work in the next few months, I think staying put (with a minimal increase in rent) is the wisest course. Part of me thinks that I will just have to put in a 30 days notice in order to force myself to actually get a new place. To be honest, there are several things about my current apartment that I do not really care for – the downstairs neighbor smoking and the increase in graffiti in the neighborhood.

I do have until Friday to sign the new lease or bail, so maybe something will come my way in the nick of time!