Return to Florida

This week in honor of the Presidential Election, I am heading back to the sight of the place that was a big sloppy mess in the 2000 election. Hanging Chad’s anyone?

Yes, it’s back to Walt Disney World! I am excited since it has been 5 years since I last went with Tiffany and Daniel. A lot has changed since then at the resort and I am excited to see some of the new stuff they have including the new American Experience Move, the new Spaceship Earth, and their version of Nemo to name a few. I recently just looked at my old 2003 photos and realized that a) I never finished captioning the Animal Kingdom photos, and b) For that matter, I never finished my Hong Kong or Tokyo photos either! Sad Times.

I doubt I will take too many photos since I have hundreds already, but since I have a new camera since then, I will probably take some photos. I am also planning on taking the video camera which I last used in Australia (even though I lugged it throughout Europe last year and never used it!). Since I have my iMac all set up for video editing, I should be able to have some fun with whatever I shoot.

Believe it or not, Internet access at WDW is still archaic at best. They have in-room networking that they charge per day. They really do need to get with the times and give people free wireless in their rooms!! (I know I keep mentioning my passion for it, sorry!) I will have the iPhone with me so I will be able to post quickie updates, but right now I am leaning towards no official Trip Diary – but rather just a fun, get away from it all vacation! Ya never know though, so keep checking the site while I am gone to see if there are anything – no promises!