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Instant-ish Netflix

I tried out Netflix’s new instant service for my TiVo the other day since it is the perfect marriage of two services that I already subscribe too. The premise is very cool that I can have instant movies waiting for me on my TiVo while I am waiting for the next Doctor Who or whatever to come in the mail in DVD format. Unfortunately, the first two times I tried it, the sound did not work. I tried queuing up the 30 second Bunny Theater DVDs, and it would start the sound, but cut out when the main show started. Granted these were 30 second to two minute shorts, I still was surprised that they had not gotten the bugs worked out yet.

The queuing also was not quite “instant” as it took several minutes for it to get to the TiVo, and I wonder how much longer it would be for a full length feature. Also, I do prefer the extra features on the DVDs for most movies, but there are some that I know I am just interested in the feature and this will be perfect for them. The next thing I want to try is the downloading to my Mac and see if the quality is better and if it is faster.