Kathy Griffin at the Kodak Theater

On Wednesday night, Daniel and I went to the Kodak Theater to see Kathy Griffin in concert. Mandel had to give up his tickets at the last minute so we were eager to snatch them up. The show was at 8pm, and it was a race to get there before it started. We left OC around 6:30, and headed up the 405.

Traffic was moving until we hit a car fire in Carson which slowed everything down. Thankfully it had just started so we were able to get past the incident before traffic came to a complete halt. After navigating through West LA in the middle of post rush hour traffic (though it says it lasts until 7pm, I really think rush hour in that part of LA lasts until 8pm or so), we arrived at the Kodak right before showtime.

Thankfully, they held the curtain for 15 minutes so we had time to freshen up, get some water, and head to our seats. Our seats were awesome – middle of the theater and just a few rows up from the orchestra section in the Parterre section. Our eyes were right at stage level and other than the camera for the jumbotrons, we had a perfect view.

Kathy had a great show – I think only a few slow bits here and there, but I really like the way she works the crowd and she has a great sense of timing so if something is lagging a bit and the energy is kind of low, she throws in something that gets everyone jazzed up again. I also was impressed that she was able to go for a solid two hours non stop. A great show that was totally worth the money – and way better than watching the Bravo edits of her stand up shows. I am excited about her new season of My Life on the D List, and only wish her cameras were there for our show so we would have a chance to be on it!