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2008 End of the Year Craziness!

You would never know it by visiting Club Josh, but I have been incredibly busy the last few weeks of December!

Starting on December 22, I went back to Phoenix to visit the relatives again. It is always a bit strange when I go there twice in a short time, but I always like staying at Casa Mammacita. Plus as a bonus, I got to see my aunt from California who was on her way out of town. Nothing like good bonus relative visiting. The rest of the visit was spent running errands and doing Christmas shopping. We also did an early gift exchange for the Phoenix relatives as well as a great Pre-Christmas Dinner.

Returning back to SoCal, I spent the next 8 days at work. I managed to do Christmas breakfast at IHOP with my father’s side of the family and then another round of gift exchanges. I really liked the cold wet weather we had around Christmas, it really drove home the feeling of the holidays for me.

Between Christmas and New Year’s, my life consisted of two things: Crowds and Cleaning. The park was crazy busy as per usual for the holidays. It was my first one in Guest Services, so it was fun to see how our department deals with the holidays. I have to say it was a lot of fun!! As for cleaning, I prepared my apartment for the arrival of Nathan from London which for some reason required more cleaning than usual. Thankfully, things were fairly clean (save for my over cluttered bedroom) when he arrived just in time for his birthday.

I had a great time with Nathan – we managed to celebrate his birthday, ring in the New Year with Daniel, hang out with my family (I am not sure Nathan will ever be the same), sample a bit of California Adventure and Disneyland, and then end it with a Hollywood excursion which of course featured several crazy adventures that we tend to get into when its just the two of us.

Life is slowly returning to normal here and next I will post some thoughts on 2008 as a whole. It ended on a high note, and hopefully this means 2009 will be great!