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Kris in LA

Josh and Kris 2009

I spent a great couple of hours with Kris this past Monday and I can honestly say I was glowing for the rest of the week!

It’s been 6 plus years since we last sat face to face at a Film Festival in London, and a lot has happened to both of us. Thankfully we keep in touch and therefore we are quasi updated on goings on in our lives. He has a slight advantage since I publish Club Josh, but it’s not too long before I catch up.

There is a very good chance that he will be in LA more frequently this year, and the very thought is amazing to me. We have been friends since the 8th grade, and it’s been over 20 years since we have lived in the same town, let alone state. While I tend to get a bit nostalgic with him, what excites me is the possibility of new adventures that lie ahead. I so am going to drag him out on the town to discover new places and I certainly hope he drags me around as well!!