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Holidays are here!?!

It’s almost the end of December and I am finally back on track after my whirlwind South America trip. One of the disadvantages of going on vacation in December is that when you get back, you are thrown in the chaos of the holidays with no holds barred. When I returned from Argentina on the 12th, it was raining and cold here in Southern California. Combined with my Buenos Aires allergies and I am sure the long plane flights from BsAs and Miami, I ended up with a cold. I imagine I must have slipped in my Emergen-C intake while on vacation.

At any rate, the first week back was pretty much wasted as I recovered from my head cold. It wasn’t that bad of a cold, just enough to make you not want to do anything. I did manage to do laundry, but that is about it. I also managed to make it to the Family Christmas dinner in Carlsbad. It was great to see the gang, even if only 13 out of 28 people showed up. Before too long, it was back to work, and that is always time consuming as the long shifts really make me not want to do much when I am not there. All of this combined to put me behind!

Last week, I finally got off my rear and put together some Christmas presents via iPhoto on the Mac and they came out great! Of course, just like in my UCD days, it only took me a few seconds to discover a tiny mistake, but I am sure the rest of the gift will more than make up for it. More details on the gift after Christmas when people open it.

Tonight, I finally got around to getting the Gorn photos posted from the Argentina trip, and as a result spent a few hours fixing the Gorn Page, since there was no category for South America photos. I checked the archives and its the first re-do of the home page since 2001. Nothing too major just the addition of new categories. I am actually surprised how well the design has lasted. (Of course it could just be me..)

Christmas is almost here and I am looking forward to the next few weeks and am waiting to see what 2010 has in store. I am sure many will agree 2009 was a tough year, so I join the many that hope 2010 will be better than ever!!