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Oh, 2010!

So here we are into the second month of 2010, and so far it has been a huge tease for me. Things that I have been anticipating and hoping for in 2010 still seem like they are far off causing me a bit of anxiety and frustration. It seems this is a recurring theme for me to start every year, and I am determined to make this year different and get my act together!
Some notes from the last few weeks:

I enjoyed Mary Poppins! It was not what I expected, but was surprised at how much I really got into it. It is most certainly in the recommend column if you are thinking about going to see it.

I was very excited about the unveiling of the iPad at the end of January. I really want to get one so that I can have something fun and light that I can easily post blog entries and photos from on the road. I am leaning towards the WiFi only version, but I have a few nagging issues. First, if a new iPhone comes out this year, I would 100% want that before an iPad, and I am pretty sure I cannot swing both in the same year. (darn fiscal responsibility!)

Second, it is not that big of a leap from the mid to high level iPad to a MacBook, and part of me thinks that might be better for traveling and writing updates and surfing the web, etc. So I think as much as I want to be an early-adopter, I might have to be on the sidelines for a bit.

It looks like this will be a moving year! Finally after talking about it for years, I will be moving to a new place hopefully in May. This of course raises all sorts of financial burden questions as moving is not cheap. However, I think in the long run this will help me cut costs and be able to pay down the travel debt.

Speaking of travel, San Francisco will be on the docket in March, and possibly a trip to see the family in Arizona come Late March/Early April. Hopefully with savings and some extra work here and there, I will scratch enough together to be able to meet up with Mom in Croatia for one of her meetings. I guess I better get working on that awesome iPad app so I can make some travel money!

One more thing, as I await the word of new assignments at work, I am learning another peak in the Disneyland Mountain range. Yup, after years and years, I am finally learning Space Mountain. It’s my second coaster (after Matterhorn) and my 18th Disneyland Attraction. I look forward to the challenge, and it is nice to have something new to focus on over the next few weeks/months.