Much Better Than The Last Time

Today, I finished getting signed off on my latest attraction – Space Mountain! For some perspective, I went back to almost 8 years ago when I learned the Matterhorn to see how the experience compared. I definitely think that age and experience has paid off. I read those old blog entries, and it feels like someone else got trained other than me. Back in 2002, I was very nervous and anxious about getting trained, and this time I was very relaxed and confident. I think I was more nervous when I learned the Monorail last year – perhaps it was a mix of nervous and excitement as learning the Monorail was a childhood dream come true.

I can certainly see why Cast Members and Guests like Space Mountain. It is fast-paced and fun and makes your day go by fast. Despite that, I don’t think it is the end-all be-all that some people would like to think it is. A good attraction? Yes, but there are better experiences in the parks. Of course, I am completely biased as I have a great deal of personal pride about the attractions that I helped open.

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