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Now I Remember Why I Hate Moving

I am really trying to figure out why I have been neglecting this blog for so long. I have only posted 6 updates since Argentina, and most of them have been re-caps. I think part of the reason is Twitter, and the other is that since Disney adopted their Social Media policy, I tend to self edit more than I used to. Thankfully, there is still more going on in my life to talk about.

First up: Moving. I hate it! I just re-read some blog posts from 2002 when I was trying to find a new place. Ugh, it brought back the frustrations from then which are combining with my frustrations now. My main issue is that I have way too much stuff! Now that I have been in my current apartment for 7 years, I have accumulated so much stuff that the mere thought of moving just makes me want to avoid the issue.

When I moved in 2003, it was sort of a forced move, and I always thought of this current apartment as a temporary space, never quite unpacking everything or hanging art on the walls and what have you. Every year since then, I have wanted to move to a better place, but either didn’t have the money or got cold feet at the last minute (this turned out to be a good thing since the place I was going to move nearly burned down last year!).

So I have much anxiety this year. Where am I going to move, what type of place am I going to get, how am I going to pack all of this, what am I going to keep, what am I going to give to Goodwill. All the usual questions continually bombard me. I have an idea of where I want to move, and the type of place I want, but the two have not been matching up exactly. One of the options is a few mega-apartment complexes which are closer to work, but at the same time have way more people around. The search is still early, and I want to lock into something soon just so I can focus my efforts on packing.

In the background of the moving, I am still waiting to hear at work where my next assignment is going to be and for how long. I’m excited that I have the chance to do something different and new, but at the same time I am OK if things don’t work out right now – I just want an idea of how to budget my rental dollars.

Some thoughts on events of the past few weeks: I have been in Earthquake heaven watching all the events unfold in Haiti and Chile. I find it fascinating how two different societies were affected by similar tragedies. Also, how about that tsunami alert for Hawaii. I personally thought it was cool that they had YouTube videos galore. I can’t believe we suffered so long with just newspaper stories and a few TV clips. Now everyone documents everything and it’s so cool to see – even when it is in a foreign language. I also enjoyed the small 4.4 we had centered in Pico Rivera – nothing like a 4am quake to keep it interesting!

I had an amazing time driving to the Bay Area with Daniel and Leslie. We didn’t do anything too crazy, but we did a lot and I really felt like we had a great adventure. Next time, we need to just fly to some random city and explore! I think I really need to take more random weekend trips!

Speaking of weekend, I am going to go out and enjoy the rest of this one! Since they opened a Farrell’s in South OC, Daniel, Tara, and I have been going their monthly. I am looking forward to seeing how their sundae compares to the Ghirardelli one I had two weeks ago!