Home Life

It’s Finally Done

After months of planning and weeks of hand wrangling and separation anxiety, I have finally moved into my new place with Daniel. On certain levels, this move has been so much better than the last one. When I moved to the OC way back in 2003, I was dealing with some emotional issues as well as a hectic work schedule, and a compressed time frame in which to find a new place. I had always thought of my last apartment as “temporary” and even though I was there for over 7 years, I never felt like I moved in.

I took a different approach this time, giving me more time to move in and sift through all of my accumulated stuff. I think I did a great job weeding out what I needed and what I didn’t (although I am sure some people will insist that I did not go far enough). Even though our new apartment is bigger than my old one, there are two of us with all of our stuff, so space is at a premium and it forced me to be aggressive with what I donated or just plain threw away.

Let me say this, Goodwill of Orange County in Santa Ana and the folks at 1800-Got-Junk were invaluable in their assistance. No matter how much junk I dropped off, they took it with a smile, and the Got Junk folks were awesome in stepping up when the Salvation Army dropped the ball.
I still have some stuff in the new place, that I will eventually donate and remove from the apartment, but for now I am taking a break and just recovering from the trauma and stress of the move.

Some of your favorite items from my apartments past that are gone: Oak Entertainment Center, the futon, the couch, the desk, CD and DVD racks and cases, coffee table, end table, bookcases, and the 2003 refrigerator. Also, my state of the art mid 1990s entertainment system is no more. I still have some of my NHT speakers, but those will eventually get donated since I don’t think I can re-use them.

I still have plenty of books left, and I think once I get the new bookcase and desk setup, I will weed those down to the bare essentials as well. Later on, there are thoughts of getting rid of the King bed since my bedroom is considerably smaller than any I have had in awhile. Just takes money to redecorate and remodel, and I am trying to avoid just going all out and maxing out the credit cards.

It has been nice the last two days to just relax and go grocery shopping and settle into normal life. Hopefully within the next week or so, I will finish putting the place together and we can welcome our first guests.

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