Disney / Home Life

A New Beginning

Super excited at the events and changes this week has brought to my life!

First up, I became a full-time manager at Disneyland! I am part of a great team and I look forward to the many challenges and fun times ahead. I am proud of the legacy I leave behind at the Subs and other locations and can’t wait to start making a difference in a new area.

Second, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series!! I never thought they would due to the disappointment from 1989 and 2002, but glad that they finally broke through and took home a title. I am not a die hard fan of any sports team, but ever since I was at Game 3 of the 1989 series, the Giants and I bonded.

Next up, with my new position, I now can draft a financial plan to go with my efforts to be debt free. It’s nice to have a steady income to be able to plan things in the future. On top of that, I can re-start investing in my 401k and finally roll over my old IRA that is sitting there waiting to be invested.

Also, I am making a list of things to purchase and actually planning when to purchase them. Some of the things I want/need: New prescription glasses, a new notebook computer (Macbook Air) or iPad, a new bed (Malibu Luxury will be 10 years old in March, and I still have not purchased new nightstands, now I have none since the move!!), and of course some new travel adventures. It’s quite the balancing act to pay down debt while planning major purchases, but now that I have a plan it will all work out.
Things are looking up!