Journey Through the Desks of Time

I am finally getting a desk at work for the first time since 2001 when I worked at Edmunds. Believe it or not (and I know most of you will believe it), I have a box of old items from my desk at Edmunds that I have been keeping around just in case I ever got a real desk at work again. Tonight, I poured through it trying to see what would be good to take to my new desk.

Some treasures: Old postcards from trips long ago, a Test Track die cast car, my baseball globe (something my brother bought me years ago, but reminds me of Avery Brooks in Deep Space Nine since he always had one on his desk so I like having it there) as well as my Disney business card holder and pen/paper set that various relatives have gotten me over the years.

Another find was an original “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” souvenir record that a co-worker got me back at Edmunds. Not sure if that will make it to the new desk since it is collectible, but it is on the maybe list for sure.

Granted, my old desk was much bigger than what I will have now, but I am trying to find a balance of old stuff and stuff I have gathered over the last few years working at Disney. Another thing that I want to get is some good photos from the past few years working or visiting Disney parks. I think they will look good on the flipper.