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Remembering December 2010

I have been super negligent in updating this website over the past few months. OK, stop giggling, I know it has been drifting along for years now..

December is a month that is always dominated by holidays, and in case of where I work, the Holiday Season. Because of the timing of my recent promotion, I was not able to figure out a way to return to Australia to participate as a staff member at the Endovascular Summit that I participated in Argentina in 2009. Next year, the team will be in Slovenia and Puerto Rico so hopefully I will have a better shot of traveling.

I did manage to visit the relatives in Phoenix with Daniel in tow. It has been two years since I drove to Phoenix (last time was overnight with my Dad to visit my brother) and ever since the great Fireball incident in 2006, I always get a bit nervous heading up the grade to Chiriaco Summit. What struck me about the drive was how much the Phoenix Metro area has expanded to the west. It makes the drive a bit less boring since there is less desert, but I do get a bit nostalgic for the less built up days.

Another exciting thing is that I managed to see a movie! In the Theaters! I am actually 2 for 2 since I saw Tangled in November and in December I saw Tron: Legacy. Not going to lie, but I liked Tangled better between the two. However, I really enjoyed the Tron: Legacy visuals and soundtrack and I do hope they make another one. Hopefully the CGI rendering of young Jeff Bridges will be less creepy than it was in this movie. I really hope they get it worked out so they can do a proper 11 Doctors special for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

Looking back at 2010 altogether, it has been a year full of big changes: New apartment and a new job (although same employer). I’m glad I went to visit Pennsylvania and environs and hope that 2011 will be full of more adventures and opportunities.