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I did a minor refresh to the site today by updating the banner photo that pops up on the majority of the site. As I have said it would be nice to make it more automatic and rotational, but at least now I only have to change one file and it cascades across the site.

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since I went to French Polynesia! Looking back on the trip it seems like only yesterday that I made a decision that has forever altered my life. Of course this means my 10 years at Disney is rapidly approaching, another palm to the forehead in disbelief moment.

It high time I change the coding on the trip diaries page since the most recent one is now 10 years old!! Current thinking pushes me to create a third blog on Club Josh for the diaries, and I have been toying with trying a WordPress blog and see if it’s better than MT. Current plan is to try and have all the available Trip Diaries that currently are on the mobile site (1996-2010) on the main web site before the 16th Anniversary this month.

Ready? Set? Go!

Stay tuned..