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Summer’s Over??

Wow, it’s already mid-September! What happened to Summer? It was a good summer and a tough summer in different ways. For the good part, I am having a great time at work in the new position. I think that is a big reason why this summer flew by. I actually look forward to going to work and feel like I am contributing something important to the business.

For the difficult part, my family has been getting frequent flier mileage at the local hospitals. 5 members of my family have spent significant time in the hospital or battling tough illnesses. It has been tough keeping up with everyone, but they are all fighters and are powering through. As I get older and older, it seems that more and more people are needing medical care. I thank my fortune that the most I have been worrying about is random moles and getting to the eye doctor. (I really need to get new glasses!)

Even though it is not technically Fall, the season is upon us. Kids are back in school and Jeff Probst is back on my television. I’m always excited for the new season of Survivor and Amazing Race! My other favorite, Doctor Who is winding down its current season, and it has been an amazing one. Can’t wait to see how it all wraps up in a few weeks.

Speaking of a few weeks, it’s time to visit the AZ family soon in their native habitat. Hoping the thermometer shows mercy on me since the last time it was well over 110 degrees. From there, I will be making a return trip to the Florida Project for the 40th Anniversary of the Magic Kingdom and the Walt Disney World Resort. It’s been 4(!!) years since I have been there, and it will be nice to visit. Being a nerd, I am excited to stay in two new Resort Hotels (despite being denied, yet again, to getting a night at the Contemporary Resort – one day my childhood dream will come true).

I will be taking the iPad for it’s first trip (outside of the state – it did go on the trip to Sequoia and Yosemite at the beginning of summer) so I am beginning to get some media transferred to it so I can test the battery. I don’t usually do a travel diary for WDW, but depending on what inspires me we shall see.

Now that I have broken my summer log jam, I am going to try and pick up the pace around here for the 5 people that might actually still be reading my site.

Oh – quick site news, I actually made good process on the new Trip Diaries! Just need some long nights to get through it all and then finally it will be done.