Puerto Rico 2011 – Day 5

I started this morning uploading some videos that I had taken on the first day of the meeting. It took some time to edit them on the iPhone and then submit them to YouTube. One of them required some editing, so I decided to spend the last $5 of my gift card and use it on iMovie for the iPhone. It actually was a pretty basic editor, but by using the in camera edit and iMovie, I was able to get the change I needed accomplished. Several hours later, I wandered down to the meeting and finished out the day helping as much as I could. I was feeling a little better today but still was on the drained side.

After a lot of hours of work, the day was finally over and the conference came to an end. I decided to change and take a power nap upstairs before heading back down to see what was left to be done. Once everything was wrapped up, everyone else changed and we headed into Old Town San Juan. I was happy to finally get out of the hotel after so many days and hours inside.

Old San Juan was hopping with action compared to the Condado section. We headed to dinner at Barrachina, the so called place where they invented the Pina Colada. The food was pretty good, we got a sampler appetizer tray that everyone enjoyed. I was only brave enough to enjoy the fried Cod (basically fish fingers). My filet was a bit off for me, but was still nice to have a steak. It was bacon wrapped which I think was the culprit is setting my stomach lurching again.

We decided to walk around for a bit and before too long, we were ready to leave. Not wanting to catch a taxi in the heavy traffic area, we cut through a back street to get to another square. Unfortunately, just behind the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista, Mom stumbled on some loose asphalt and scraped up her knees pretty bad. We got her back up and she was shook up, but managed to get one of the big taxi vans nearby and were able to get her back to the hotel where we could wash the wounds and get her relaxed and comfortable. It was a downer to end the day, but hopefully she recovers with no issues.

Not sure what the plan for tomorrow is, but we want to rent a car and get to the Aricenbo Observatory, but we will play it by ear and see how Mom feels in the AM.