A New Car – 2012 Version

I’ve finally hunkered down and traded in my 2008 CRV for a 2012 Prius. My lease was coming to the end and with the issues I have had with my CR-V, I decided to take the plunge and get a Prius to save on gas mileage. The upgrade is from 18/28 on the CRV to 40/44 on the Prius. I opted for the larger Prius v (essentially a station wagon) because it had the same cargo space as a CR-V and the seating felt more plush than the other Prius I was looking at, the compact Prius c.

Driving the two Prii models, I certainly liked the ride and the legroom on the v as well as the center console. When I drove the c, it felt like I was almost on top of the passenger. So in the end I decided to treat myself.

I’ll be back soon with a better daylight photo and some First Drive impressions..