Pacific Northwest 2012 – Day 6

We woke up on the last day of our trip and got our stuff packed. We enjoyed our last bit of wonderful Cinnamon and bagels and tried to finish the rest of our supplies before hitting the road. I knew we were going to have to toss the spread since it was not allowed through the TSA checkpoint. We briefly considered mailing the stuff back home, but in the end level headed non-cinnamon based thought returned. We packed up the car and headed south, anxiously awaiting to see how long the wait would be at the border. After consulting the overhead signs, we made a b-line for one of the adjacent border crossing, a move saving us 30 minutes or so.

From then, it was smooth sailing back to Seattle with a quick stop in Bellingham for gas. I was pretty excited that for our entire 3 days I did not have to get gas in Canada and pay the high prices. Part of the credit goes to the Chevy Cruze, which despite the fact I cannot stand how it looks or rides, it gets great gas mileage.

Jonathan decided to get dropped off back at the Courtyard by Marriott so he could use the wifi and see if he could meet up with some of his friends. Daniel and I headed down towards the airport so we could grab a quick bite to eat before we turned the car back in. How good is the Cruze gas mileage? I did not have to top it off before turning it back in to the rental car agency!! We had about an hour to kill in the airport before our flight, so we relaxed and looked forward to our flight home. The flight itself was pretty smooth, although since we were on the wrong side of the plane and not at a window, I didn’t get any good photos out the windows. From there, it was a short ride back to the apartment and we were finally home from the trip. Time for dinner and time to think about where we will be go next.