Movie Reviews

The Adventures of Tintin

Dir: Steven Spielberg

The other day, I was home with nothing to do and this popped up on my Netflix screen as a popular choice. I had wanted to see the movie when it came out back in 2011, mainly because it was co-written by the current Doctor Who showrunner, Steven Moffat. It also looked halfway decent and got good reviews so I figured why not give it a chance.

I was pleasantly surprised with the movie! It kept me engaged for the most part through its 107 minute running time. I only felt the urge once to check my phone as my attention seemed to wander about midway in the desert scene, but overall it was a great movie. I had no idea what Tintin was about but left the movie curious to see more. It took me a bit to get over the animation style of the movie but no other major complaints. I was a bit confused with how old Tintin was supposed to be. He looked really young (like late teens), but manages to live in his own flat with some nice things and owns a handgun. I’d guess mid-20s, but I’ve read that he is supposed to be 15(!?!).

I had forgotten that it was a Spielberg film, and after watching the movie, I remembered there was a big outcry in Europe among the Tintin faithful that he was directing the movie. No complaints in that department as Spielberg delivers his usual good work here and certainly gave us some great Spielberg moments.

Worth a spin on the Netflix if you haven’t seen it.