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I can’t believe I ran a 10k race!

In 2010, our friends Eric and Arthur ran the Disneyland Half Marathon and it really inspired Daniel and I to do something like that some day. We started out with a walk in the park with the 2010 CHOC Walk and then after that the idea sort of fizzled and we never really did anything until the beginning of this year when Daniel suggested that we finally do a race. I suggested the 5K fun run but he did not like the finishers medal so he decided we should do a 10K.

So in January of this year, we registered for the Inaugural Disneyland 10K. At first I thought that we were crazy, but then I found out that our friends who inspired us in the first place were actually going to do the 10K on Saturday and then the 1/2 Marathon on Sunday. Now that was crazy! I was determined that if they could do that, I could at least putter around on just the 10K.

So we started looking at workout regimens and asking our friends and family about the best way to get started. We eventually ended up at Roadrunner Sports where we got custom insoles for our running shoes. If there ever was a way to make me finish something, you make me spend some good dough on it! So after finally getting a good outfit and the shoes, I was set to begin preparations.

I started out with timed runs just to get the feel for what it was like to do something I had not done since I was in High School. The first few runs were brutal and I couldn’t even make it to the end of the street without gasping and having to walk. Eventually, I was able to make our first two mile run without stopping and we pushed for longer runs. Our last couple of runs were around Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley which conveniently was a mile square so it was easy to figure out where you were in the course. I’ve found that if I know the route, it is easier for me to know how far I have to go and I could keep pushing myself. Probably the geographer in me!

The last few weeks before the actual run, we didn’t get a chance to do any good runs as our schedules and travel plans made a mess of things. All things considered, I still felt good for race day as I knew when I ran 4 miles, that another 2+ was now possible.

Race day finally arrived and I was nervous as all get out. When I filled out the emergency info on the back of my bib, I made sure to put the hospital I wanted to be sent in case anything went wrong. I was so nervous that I had to pee so bad that I didn’t think I would make it to the start without having kidney failure. But the race started and I made good time out of the chute (especially since I had to pee it was a race to the first bathrooms!!). My first two miles were my best and then after that I settled into a groove. I lost Daniel after the first few minutes, but at least he was there at the start to help.

Knowing the race was a plus and once we entered the parks it was no longer a matter of will I finish, but when. The weather, although muggy, was not terrible as a good cloud cover helped keep the direct sun off of me. Mile 5 was the hardest, not just because that was the one that went by the horse pens at Circle D, but because I knew I was in uncharted territory. Thankfully, the boosters in the park and the characters made it all worthwhile as they kept cheering. Finally, as I rounded Indiana Jones Adventure, I knew from my mental map that I was nearing the last mile. My phone had buzzed that Daniel and Eric had finished and I was determined to make it through Downtown Disney! As I raced towards the finish line, I dug deep and pushed to the end and was happy to see Daniel’s Mom there rooting for me..

Crossing the finish line I was so happy that I had done something I had never thought I could do (or was I just happy I didn’t have to run anymore ha!) and I’m sure when I see the official race photo I’ll look like a complete doofus. The best part, after getting my medal and some water? Seeing Daniel and my friends Eric and Arthur at the finish line. They were all happy for me and we took some photos. Pretty soon our other friend Ricky finished and we posed for a final photo which is the one posted in the previous entry.

Coming off the high of the run, I sure did get a headache and some other minor nagging pains, but nothing major. I was so proud of myself and for my friends for inspiring me and for Daniel pushing me and making sure I went through with it. When I added up all my training runs and my race, I figured I’ve run just under 51 miles to date!

Today, I made sure to go down to Anaheim Stadium to look for my friends to cheer them on. I knew how much the cheering helped me and since they were doing a longer race in brutal conditions, I felt I owed it to them to cheer them on. I didn’t see everyone, but glad I did get to cheer for the ones I did.

I’m pretty sure that I will do another run again, I’m thinking the Tinker Bell 10K in January would be fun and probably a lot cooler weather wise.. Will I do the Disneyland 1/2? One day for sure, and I’m sure sometime after that I might even attempt the Dumbo Double Challenge like our friends did.

For now? I’m just going to sit back and eat some ice cream..