Club Josh

Scanning Europe 1998

Today I scanned 100 photos with my el cheapo Pandigital scanner. It took me about 2 hours to scan all of them at 600×600 which isn’t the greatest, but for online purposes it’s sufficient. Late last year, I had scanned Europe ’96 and ’97 as well. The 1997 photos had their negatives scanned which gave me a more washed out scan than the prints. It’s almost like they all had a vintage Instagram filter applied which isn’t the worse thing.

I’m hoping to put the 1996-1998 photos online somewhere – either on my Flickr account with the rest of my digital travel photos or actually nested in the Trip Diary pages. The old 35mm camera these were from had a faux-panorama feature so I’ve rediscovered some good panoramas that I will add to the rotating headers section of the Club Josh site.

One more thing – I’ve officially topped my previous record for consecutive days posted to my blog! The previous record was 23 days for Europe 2007, and hopefully I can stay motivated to keep posting daily through December!!