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Palm Springs Musings

This past weekend I took my Grandma, Aunt, Cousin, and Daniel out to Palm Springs for the day on Saturday. It’s been awhile since the gang went out there and it was nice to get away. At just over an hour away from their house, it really is an easy day trip.

We hit some shops on the main drag and as indicated by the photo posted on Saturday, we came across the star dedication of Gavin MacLeod aka Captain Stubing from the Love Boat! It really was a highlight of the day week not only Gavin, but Peter Marshall, Jack Jones (singer of the Love Boat theme song) and Carol Channing were all there among others in attendance.

I’ve always had mixed feelings about Palm Springs – I love the tram ride, our favorite Mexican restaurant, and some of the high end consignment stores, but overall there didn’t seem to be much to do. This time, we visited some of the cool shops, but after awhile all the mid century themed stores start looking the same. I know Palm Desert has all the uber-swanky places to shop at, but I think Palm Springs is getting better – especially if you want furniture.

I’m almost ready to commit to an overnight in the area to have a more relaxed visit and who knows, in another 10 years or so I might be a regular weekend visitor to the city. For now, I am quite happy to just day trip there every now and then.