Laguna Beach Adventure

Today, Granny, My Aunt, and I took another weekend day trip – this time to Laguna Beach with special guest My other Aunt. Inspired by our recent Palm Springs outing, this time we decided to head to the beach.

I’ve always loved Laguna Beach since we used to stay there in a timeshare when I was a kid. I’d love to live there sometime, (Crazies and Homeless and all) but I know unless I make a career move or hit the lottery, it will remain out of my price range.

We spent some time shopping and I got to witness my Aunts awesome shopping abilities. I am not sure of the exact conversation or how much they saved, but it was fun to watch from the chair while they were in Chico’s. I wish we had some more time so I could see some more shops, but these days we are limited to when Granny gets tired, but that’s OK because I treasure the time we spend.

Lunch was at the Vegetarian Zinc Cafe, which for most of the healthy living residents of Laguna is very popular and tasty, but personally, I could use a bit less fou-fou and maybe a burger. Everyone liked their food and my Grilled Cheese was fine, but just not my type of establishment.

After “lunch” I stopped at Casey’s Cupcakes to pick up a few for me and Daniel to enjoy later in the day. When I finally got to try them, I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting a dry cupcake like Sprinkles, but they actually were very good and moist. I had the Decadent Dark Chocolate and Daniel enjoyed the Casey Confetti Cupcake and the Beach Boy. Daniel liked both of them and said they reminded him of Pillsbury cake mix (which I think is a compliment). They opened a Casey’s in Huntington Beach so we will definitely give it another try!

After a quick stop for my Aunt in Whole Foods, we were done for the day and it was time to head back home. I think our next adventure will be to Santa Barbara or to Olivera Street and I can’t wait.