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Charo Back Up

I’ve spent the last few hours getting back up and running. It was the last of my web sites still rattling around on the old server. Grand plans were had to re-do the entire site, but like when this site went down, I was forced to just get something up, lest I lose some good Google search rankings.

So I put the old site back up minus the photo galleries. They still need to be converted to the new Gallery program which given my experience with the Gorn Galleries, will take some time. I did manage to fix a bunch of old, old broken links. Looks like the last time it got any love was back in mid-2012 and even then I seemed to have missed a bunch of Charo appearances.

So it’s not perfect, but at least it is back up and running and providing semi-current information to all of you Charo fans. At least it has more info and is more current than the official site (yet again – lol!)